The Team

Brandon Sawyer

"If you are alive you have purpose"
I am a poet, author, food and music lover. God revealed my gift for writing in 2007 through some intense times in my life. I started writing poems and started devotions in 2014. I am here to share the things that God puts on my heart with you. In 2016 I met Autumn and her family, little did I know God would have us become not just friends but family. We discovered we both have a love for writing and began to write stories together. Autumn eventually became my editor whenever I wrote devotions for morning coffee. In 2021 I was struggling with my writing for Morning Coffee (MC). Autumn stepped in and set up a schedule to write and post, she breathed new life into me and MC. Not long after God put it on my heart to have her join the weekly podcast. We have recorded one episode together at the time of writing this, I am excited to see where God takes us next.

Autumn Huneycutt

"Time passes quickly, don't let it leave you behind 
Hi, My name is Autumn. I have been married for fifteen years and I have three amazing children. One of my children is autistic and can be challenging at times. My husband is a stay at home parent and I work. I met Brandon in 2016 and we have become family. He helped to bring me out of my comfort zone. It started with editing his work and then writing stories with him. Recently I started helping him set a schedule to write his devotions and adding a little to it. He offered for me to become a writer on Morning Coffee as well. After a couple of weeks he asked if I wanted to become a member on his podcast. I am glad to be given this opportunity to help him and to grow more in my walk with God. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next.

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