Morning Coffee 7/13/21 UNCONDITIONAL

July 13, 2021

Let me tell you a story. We are  walking down the road together on our way home from a hunting trip. We are heading to my car when we come upon a person stuck in a bear trap. They are a complete stranger to us but they call out for help. Having the tools and knowledge to open  the trap I take action. You watch as I immediately rush to the stranger's aid. I treat their wounds and rush them to the hospital.

A month later we are on another hunting trip, walking down the same road we hear the cries of someone in trouble. Someone else got stuck in a bear trap but unlike last time I didn't rush in, I simply put my hand up and continued down the road. You in complete shock  grab me and shout “That’s your blood relative, how can you help and extend mercy to a complete stranger but not your family member who you have known all your life?” I simply reply that they dont act the way I want them to act! They don't take my advice!” I walk off leaving them in the trap.

After witnessing this would you say that I have the love of God in me? No, you wouldn't. The story may be an extreme example but we are all guilty of this, myself included. Christ’s love does not say I'm here for you only if you act the way I want you to act. Look back on situations in your life when things went “left”, what if God said “I can’t help you this time, you irritate me too much! You hurt me!” Christ ate dinner with the least desired people. He called the unqualified (by the world's standards) to be the bedrock of his church.

This is not an easy morning coffee for me to write because it is so fresh and raw. I cannot call myself a follower of Christ if I extend mercy to one but not another. We are all playing the hand that was dealt to us. Some things in life we caused, other things were outside of our control but God provided a way for us to rise above it! What if you are that way? What if God has placed you as the light at the end of the tunnel. Christ looked past our faults to extend a hand of mercy to save us. Since we reflect Christ should we not be aiming to do the same?

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

(For more understanding please read out of your own bible)

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