Morning Coffee 5/27/2021 The Beginning

May 27, 2021

Good Morning

For quite some time I always thought that I had to be afraid of the lord in order to grow spiritually.  Later I found out that is not exactly what it means by fear. It is more a respect and knowledge that God will do exceedingly and abundantly more than you can ask or think. Think of it like this; when you see a lion in the wild, you become awww struck. Then you realize that this is a very dangerous animal. You wouldn’t go up and try to touch it but you would respect it. The Lord loves each and everyone of his children but in order to be one of his children you must first fear God. 

When you stop trying to control your “comfort zone” and let God have it, that’s the beginning of the Lord's wisdom. When you follow his commandments or in a sense his rules for life you begin to understand what he expects of you. You have to relinquish all your worry and sin unto the lord and ask him to forgive you and accept him into your heart. That is when your wisdom and understanding begin to grow in the lord. The Lord will never forsake his children. We will continue to make mistakes but that does not mean he loves you any less. So take the time to give your life to God and begin to learn how much worry and trouble will be lifted off of your shoulders. Just give it all to God and he will supply all your needs.

Just remember that God loves you no matter what. 

With lots of love, God bless

A. Huneycutt

(For more understanding please read out of your own bible)

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