MORNING COFFEE 3/24/21 Ask You for your guidance

March 23, 2021

Hello family

In this world we are in, everyone has an opinion, fact, or proclamation about everything and anything. We are a fingers touch away from unlimited viewpoints, theories and “revelations”. When we make our stand and state what we are going to do. People, especially ones closer to us are not afraid to give their thoughts on our decisions and what they think we should do. 

I am not against taking advice or hearing a different viewpoint but at some point we have to evaluate our decisions by what God tells us to do, not by what uncle Tony or our best friend Jim says is the best move. They don’t see the totality of our life, they don't fully know us a hundred percent like our Heavenly Father. Their advice on the surface may be good advice but we have to get in our personal time with God and present that advice to Him. 

He doesn't just know the weather forecast, he controls it. I am sure your pastor, bestfriend, parents are wise God fearing people however if they move left and you know God directs you to go right. You stand on that decision because that is a part of the course God has you on. It does not mean the move the other person made is wrong. It just means God is working out your life a little differently. We can’t get rattled when those who are closest to us disagree and try to change our mind. “We live by every word that comes from the mouth of God'' Deut 8:3 We have different positions in the body and that will require us to make different decisions, we find the answer to those decisions in our personal relationship with God.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Music: Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart

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