MORNING COFFEE 1/29/21 we never know

January 29, 2021

Hello family

Before I begin let me warn you now this devotion contains a story that is a bit unsettling.

My family and I watch a show on Food Network called Worst Cooks in America. They show a group of people like you and me and put them through a 4-6 week cooking bootcamp. Each week a competitor is eliminated until there is a winner. My family and I find our favorite participant and cheer for them. We learn about their personal lives. Truth is we only see what they show us and what the tv shows us. This past week a former winner of the show and her husband have been arrested and charged with killing their three year old daughter. I won't go any further into that if you want more detail you can look it up. 

I often find myself praying for the people I see on reality shows, especially if the story touches my heart. Things may appear to be all rosy from the outside but when the cameras are off we have no clue what really goes on. Now before you stamp a judgment on this couple, allow the Holy spirit to guide you on how to pray for them. Why? Because nobody wakes up in that position. There was a series of situations and choices that led up to this sad story unfolding. It may be tempting but we cannot cast our finger in judgment as if we are incapable of falling into such a state. We truly have no clue what hidden triggers lie within us. It is only the love and grace of God that keep us. There are so many unknowns that he shields us from. If he were to truly remove his hand the unthinkable would happen.

Heavenly Father I pray that you would help us to see with your eyes, think with your mind and love with your heart. Let us not forget that because of you we are in our right mind. Let us not put confidence in our human nature. Because human nature can and will fail us. Give us your wisdom in all of life's circumstances and give us the strength and boldness to carry out that wisdom. In Jesus Name Amen 

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Song: Healing of mind 3 hours piano BGM

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