Morning Coffee 1/22/21 Focus

January 22, 2021

Hello Family

Alot is happening in this world and sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with things going on in the world as well as things happening with us personally. This is very much where I am at, as I mentioned in yesterday's devotion, God has accelerated things in my life and added some awesome opportunities and these opportunities require me to step up. Over the past few weeks of this new year I’ve felt like I’ve been reading two different news reports. One news report says “oh look at what is happening out there, look at the madness, you got to do something! Here comes a family member telling me listen to this undercover source, look at how many troops are in the capital! All that has done is put me in a negative state. Then I see all the things that God is doing with me personally and I find myself challenged but at peace. 

This is not to say that I am not concerned about the affairs of what is going on. I do care about what is going on and I pray about those things. What I am saying is that God has a plan for the body as a whole but also a plan for us individually. If we are going to execute that plan we need to put energy to the things he is calling us to put energy to, even down to the very hour of each day. If we give energy to the wrong thing we won't be very productive. Even well meaning family members or friends can bring unintended distractions. We have to ask the Holy Spirit to help us discern what things need to be on our plate and what things we need to set to the side. What we need to focus on may not be the logical thing to do. We are all pieces of one body; we won't be effective if we are distracted by things God has called others to handle.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


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