Morning Coffee 11/9/20 The ball is IN our court!

November 9, 2020

Hello Family

A lot has happened since i last wrote to you. I will speak about those things in this weekends up coming podcast if the Lord wills. A few weeks ago I told you a story about a young warrior with incredible potential but did not take full advantage of it, if you have not read it link is at the bottom.

The world has been watching the 2020 race for United States President. we all see the results, so now what? We (followers of Christ) take action, we pray for this new administration! Our personal opinion of them does not matter. God's will supersedes what we think is good and what is not.

All authority is established by God. To neglect our duty to pray for them and intercede for our nation because they are not what we voted for is a sin, and don't relax and put your feet up because the one you voted for got in. We don't know what hidden things dwell within there heart. God see's the true extent of there nature and knows what's coming.

We are that warrior with incredible potential. There are many examples in the bible where a servant of God caused God to move his hand and intervene on a nation shifting the course of history. Now more than ever we need to truly see who we are. History has shown when we the body of Christ are in lockstep with the mind and heart of God, there is nothing that is impossible, but we have to have our focus on the mind and heart of God.

Link to Warrior story:

Much Love & God bless

B. Sawyer


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One comment on “Morning Coffee 11/9/20 The ball is IN our court!”

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    "The world has been watching the 2020 race for United States President." That is certainly true here in Canada, and many Canadians have become emotionally involved on one side or the other. Your thoughts point us toward what we need for healing. No politician has the prescription for healing, we must look to God and submit our wills to His, without presuming to already know what His will is.

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