Morning Coffee 9/11/20 Different

September 10, 2020

"If I speak in tongues of human beings and of angels but I don’t have love, I’m a clanging gong or a clashing cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and I know all the mysteries and everything else, and if I have such complete faith that I can move mountains but I don’t have love, I’m nothing. If I give away everything that I have and hand over my own body to feel good about what I’ve done but I don’t have love, I receive no benefit whatsoever." ' 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 CEB

"In this world but not of it, a peculiar people, chosen priesthood." Hello family. We have all read or heard these quoted words, the question is are we living them? Do we allow the words that we read in the sixty six books that make up the bible, come off the page and transform us? I am listening to the song Different by Micah Tyler. It causes me to do a self check. Have I become stuck in a pattern? Am I just waking up and operating like a robot, checking off the "to-do list" to land back in bed without impacting the world around me?

Do I LOVE my neighbor as myself? If I saw my enemies crying out mercy from the gutters of life, would I provide that mercy? Would I provide healing to those that ripped open my heart? If I walk into a room and not engage anyone in conversation, would they see Christ in me simply by the way I conduct myself?

I ask myself (and you); not to say that Christ is not in me, but to do a heart check and make sure my focus doesn't waver. So that I don't become satisfied with just being "saved." Am I different? Am I Transformed and not Conformed?

Much Love & God bless

B. Sawyer


Micah Tyler - Different (Acoustic)

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