Morning Coffee 4/6/20 Perspective & Attitude

April 5, 2020

Hello family...

Things are clearly different and not what any of us anticipated. Over the past few weeks I have spoken to people with different perspectives. The perspective they were looking through affected how they felt and how they saw this time frame playing out. As for my perspective and attitude, I am filled with (good) anticipation and excitement.

In this time there are things That God will unlock in me, my faith in Him will grow! I will be presented with more opportunities to bring glory to His name! That alone should put a smile on our faces, an opportunity to operate out of the norm and highlight the kingdom of God! Do I have moments of stress or worry? Yes I do, but my PERSPECTIVE & ATTITUDE are not dominated by those things.

We can control our perspective & attitude by what we take in through our ears and eyes but also by what we allow to take root within us. It works both ways, we can choose what we fill our cup with. If all we allow is negative then that is all that will come out of us, it is the same for the positive. If your cup is dominated with trash you can flush it out with the word of God and what He is saying to you about this situation.

What an opportunity we are in! I know I keep saying that but it's true! The challenges that have risen in these past few weeks have only driven me closer to God. You don't get wine/grape juice unless the grapes are pressed and crushed. Our life is not our own, it was purchased with a price. The beautiful thing is the one who paid the price wants to be our friend.

God Bless you family I love you

B. Sawyer

Song: PASS OVER (TAFI)- Tomi Favored and TY Bello:

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