Morning Coffee 1/21/20 Don't Sleep On Them!

January 21, 2020

Hello family...

Sunday I witnessed something truly amazing and beautiful. It brings tears of joy just thinking about it.

My little sister (not by blood but i adopted her) lead worship with her mother. She planned to be up for just the first song but she stayed on for all of the songs, but that's only scratching the surface. You see the world would label her according to her disabilities or the generation she falls in and put a limit on what they think she is capable of. As the holy spirit used her she lead us and cultivated an atmosphere that allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to all who were listening. The anointing flowed through her, I cannot put to words the awesomeness of what was experienced.

Church won't look like Church with the next generations. God will move through anyone who has a open willing heart. The anointing is not limited to People with man made qualifications and ordinations. The word of God may come to you from the tree hugging hippie on the street.

Don't sleep on the up and coming generations. There's a move of God in them that will shake this world like never before, but don't look for it with you human eye. look through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. Where some may see darkness God declares as light.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Song: Jesus At The Center by Yohan Kim:

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2 comments on “Morning Coffee 1/21/20 Don't Sleep On Them!”

  1. You're right; the Holy Spirit can speak through anyone. I do believe, though, that church leaders should be (not necessarily old) mature, seasoned. As Apostle Paul says, grounded in truth, skillful in the use of the Word.

    Everybody should be able to speak freely, but when it comes to those appointed to lead, there's a danger babes in Christ and Christians who haven't been really into the Word might be misled by strong charismatic speakers with their own agendas.

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