Morning Coffee 11/30/19 On This Alter

November 30, 2019

Hello family...

Christ was beaten and bruised and hung on a rough splintered cross. He had the power and full rights to abort and be taken back up into the heavens, but He didn't. He sacrificed His earthly life and this planet, this world was the alter.

Christ sacrifice began long before Judas betrayed him. Christ sacrifice began the moment he was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Mary. He experienced EVERY pain, EVERY frustration, EVERY temptation we have ever felt or will feel. Yet he did not bow to any of them.

Family, The human side of Jesus the Christ is just as critical and important as His eternal side. Without His experience as a human, His sacrifice is null and void. How can he be blameless if he were not put through and overcame EVERYTHING that could stain Him?

The complete sacrifice of our own lives becomes clearer the more we understand the full and complete life surrender of Christ. How can he call us friend if He did not lower himself to our platform? I cannot fully articulate the words to express what is in my heart at this moment.

Just as Christ thirty three years on this planet was a life long sacrifice, so it is with us. From the first moment we hand over command of our lives to Christ our life sacrifice begins. At that moment everything in the system of this temporary world. becomes an abrasive, because our citizenship changed. The more we build our life in Christ the more our earthly life will be torn down.

The span of years God has given each of us to live, is an alter for this earthly life. It is written all across the scriptures, we surrender this life and gain true life or we can take hold of this life and try to preserve it and everything it represents but only reap death in the end.

IT'S NOT GOING TO BE EASY, SO STOP LOOKING TO MAKE IT EASY! Christ coming from the heavens, taking on a human body, dealing With EVERYTHING that comes with humanity was not easy! Living thirty three years in Human flesh was not easy! If it was then it would not be a sacrifice.

Since we are following in the example of Christ, seeking and working to be more and more like Him would not our life ultimately be burned away as an ultimate act of worship, a perfect fragrance to bring Glory to God?

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Song: This Altar (Live) · Psalmist Raine

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