Morning Coffee 11/10/19 Is It Worth It?

November 9, 2019

Hello family...

Over the past week I have watched several shows that showed of the opulence of this world. Yes the multi million dollar homes and cars were nice, but some of the people featured in the shows were still not satisfied with what they had purchased. They have attained all of this, but at what cost?

The older I get the less value I see in temporary things. We only burden our-self if we constantly seek to obtain more from this world. Fill me up by Tasha Cobbs is playing in the background as I am writing this to you, from the moment I sat down, peace filled the room and in this moment I am completely satisfied writing to you.

If only we would unburden ourselves from the unnecessary weights we carry. If only we would empty out at the alter of our hearts and remain empty so God can fill us up. How can we get a "fresh wind" if it cannot purge the house because the windows are closed? What if our first pray/thought of the day was "Lord allow me to accomplish YOUR WILL for my life today?" That is my prayer from this point on when I wake each day, Because that is all that really matters

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Song: Tasha Cobbs - Fill Me Up (Worship Together Version) ft. Will Reagan

Instagram: @morningcoffeedevo



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