Morning Coffee 11/6/19 Let God Pick The Wheat From The Tares

November 5, 2019

Hello family...

Kanye West has been a very polarizing figure in this world. Often drawing attention to himself in ways that are not the best. It is no mystery that he is now proclaiming to follow Christ.


To be honest with you I was very skeptical, even a bit self righteous in my thought process. God called me out on it, He said to me "Who are you to say if he (Kanye) is sincere? Do you know his heart?" That gave a few days to pause and think. Christ is the doorway to the father for the WHOLE WORLD. I can't decide where Kanye's heart is, that is not what i am supposed to do.

What we are commissioned to do is spread the gospel through out the world and let the seeds fall where they may (see Matt 13:3-9). God knows who is who, lets leave that to him and here is why. Time will show as he grows no tree can produce two types for fruit. Also Kanye who is followed by possibly millions is spreading the name of Jesus. If kanye falls off but one soul fully commits to Christ because of him then that should be reason for us to rejoice. (see Phil 1:12-18)

God will use any one He chooses. God is using Kanye to reach people that may never walk into a church, people that you and i are unable to reach. God is not boxed into tracks and soapbox corner preaching. So do try and box Him into religion. Step back and let the Holy Spirit work through us and Kanye and even pray for Kanye.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Song: The Lion Guard: Battle for the Pridelands - On the Last Night

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