Morning Coffee 9/1/19 The Power You Wield

August 31, 2019

Hello family...

I have been watching a cartoon called The Lion Guard. I'ts a spin off from The Lion King. The main Character, Kion (Simba's son) is second in line to the throne behind his sister. He has been placed in charge of " The lion guard" an elite group of animals charged with keeping the balance of the circle of life.

Kion has been given a power called "The Roar" to assist him in his battles against evil. Like any great power "The Roar" can do a great amount of good but if not used wisely it also can destroy. Kion posses wisdom and humility beyond his years.

As a leader he attentive to the state of his friends emotional and mental state, viewing each of them as a irreplaceable part of his life and team. there are times he could rightfully take a more brute force method to solving problems, but he will often seek wisdom from his grandfather (Mufasa) or his friends and family.

Kion means Warrior. Often we see warriors as someone who always fights fire with fire. Kion proves different. We have been given Great power by God to affect the environment around us. We may have full legal right to use that power at its max, but at what cost. Be wise with your words, be wise with your feelings, and be wise with your thoughts.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

Song: The Lion Guard: Battle for the Pridelands - On the Last Night

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