Morning Coffee 1/7/19 Friends & Slaves

January 7, 2019

Hello Family...

"I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me." John 15:15 NLT

Jesus had to re adjust how the disciples viewed their relationship with Him. The things that He would share with them through the holy spirit would be on a deeper personal level. Yes they will still serve Christ but not out of a "because my master says so" thinking, but a "Christ is my friend, i will follow Him because i love Him" mindset.

The church (body of Christ) today operates primarily from a slave mindset. You may have just raised an eyebrow and felt the urge to click away at what i just said but let the Holy Spirit speak your spirit. We have put God out of reach. we have boxed our selves into being robots. Sunday go to church get a message to get us to Wednesday night bible study or next Sunday where we come in weighed down by the baggage from the previous week and look for a message from the pastor to lift us up for the up coming week.

HELLO!!!! Christ calls us His FRIEND! Think about your closest friend, if they need to spend time with you do they call a mutual friend to get the message to you? No, They come directly to you! The pastors and bishops are not the only ones that cant get a revelation form God, We can can get all deep mysteries we want and then minister to others. God bless you pastor or bishop God put them in the right position but don't make them god.

You know why the Apostles did such awesome and bold things? They didn't put Christ in an untouchable place. They operated from relationship and not religion. In the early church there was not membership but relationship And everyone was a minister, everyone was viewed as vital. You don't sacrifice you self for slaves. You sacrifice out of the love for a friend. And that is what Christ did.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

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7 comments on “Morning Coffee 1/7/19 Friends & Slaves”

  1. This relationship of Jesus as Friend, something I need and want to find more meaningful in this New Year. In a sermon once, our pastor said, "We talk about Jesus so much, but do we talk to him?"

      1. I thought of that verse this morning, too! So often I'm tormented by the thought that I can't be a Christian. I don't --- enough (pray, think of Him, read my Bible, etc.) And it's true.The verse came to me as a reassurance. Why do I need so many??

      2. I wonder why I need so many reassurances. The Lord has given me a number of verses to help me have faith, but I find myself so soon doubting and fearful again. The enemy knows just how to play on my weakness!

      3. Don't feel like needing so many reassurances is a bad thing. when your children were taking their first steps you poured reassurance on them, to them motivated as they wobbled and stumbled into your arms.

        Your heavenly father knows you better than you know your self. You are heading in the right direction and to keep you heading in the right direction He is going to send you those reassurances to intercept any doubt from the enemy.

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