Morning Coffee 1/2/19 Another Year...

January 1, 2019

Hello Family...

Right now I have so much stirring within me, I am trying to process where to start... "Remember, things don't change because the year changed. If you want REAL change, commit to it. Make it happen. This is is your year."

"This is your year." What does that really mean? That phrase and others like it have become border line useless. I am not going to rant about it. But i will say this, If your house gets wiped out by a force of nature is it still your year? If you lose a love one close to your heart is it still your year? If the things you planed to accomplish don't come to pass is it still your year? Yes it is!

I do not wish any of the above examples on any of you. Just because hard times hit does not change God's plan for you. My name means beacon of light or beacon hill. There have been many times i have not acted as such. Did my name suddenly change because of those moments? No! These moments were life shaping moments that God used to build me.

Know This...

  1. It may look like you are surrounded but you are surrounded by the army of the living God!
  2. Each day is a building block in your life
  3. Do not live as a victim. After all we do serve the one and only true God. He has equipped you!

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer




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January 2019


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