Morning Coffee 11/16/18 Just Trust

November 16, 2018

Hello Family...

God knows who you are. Not you as you see your self now, but the full completed you that lacks nothing. The you that is unhindered by fear (false evidence appearing real), your past, or present circumstances. He resides outside of time, watching over you in your present state, but also seeing you complete walking in complete harmony with Him.

A lot of the time we tip toe through this road of life. Like a toddler at the edge of a swimming pool, we lean forward over the edge but our feet are firmly glued to the ground. God is in the pool waving us to jump but we lean back and clench our fist in hesitation. But eventually the concrete gets to hot and left with no choice we jump in. We panic at first until we realize we are floating.

Look at your life as a collapsible sidewalk. The blocks in front of you remain in place until you step off of them. Going back leads to death, stay in one spot leads to mission failure. The only way forward is the direction God is pointing you in.

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

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