Morning Coffee 10/17/18 Pushing & Shoving

October 17, 2018

Hello Family

Recently i was away visiting family to celebrate my uncle and aunt finally getting married. But thats not the topic of this devotion. On the morning of our second day there my father and i were jolted from our sleep by knocking on our hotel room door and my mom shouting from the bathroom for one of us to answer the door.

My dad threw his robe on and answered the door. My uncle asked "Are you guys alive?" My mom hearing my uncle replied ''oh i overslept we were supposed to meet you guys downstairs at 6:30." My dad and I were totally oblivious to this arrangement. so my aunt and uncle leave to eat and we start getting dressed and washed up.

Normally my father will sing a classic hymn as he is getting ready and i have come to enjoy his singing in the morning. But this time he reached way back and stared singing a song called one day at a time with Jesus. These words grasped my foggy half awake mind.

"Do you remember, when you walked among men?
Well Jesus you know if you're looking below
It's worse now, than then.
pushing and shoving, and crowding my mind.
So for my sake, teach me to take
One day at a time."

The moment was funny but the song was and is so very appropriate. We overload our self with planning and making the next move. we try to fix and line up nine months from now and we totally miss what needs fixing today. We may have been jolted from our sleep put in a slight rush to get ready but the song my dad sang was a reminder to slow down and flow with things as they come. Nothing wrong with planning but look at what God has in-front of us now.


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

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