Morning Coffee 8/9/18 God I Don’t Trust You!

August 8, 2018

Hello family,

"Do you trust me?" When God asked me this question last night my response was a delayed yes. Why was it delayed? It was delayed because i really had to do a heart check. You see God didn’t ask if I trusted Him twenty percent or fifty percent. He asked me “Do you trust me?” Period.

When we (Christians) are asked questions like “Do you love Jesus?” Or “Do you trust God?”  We  fire off an instant “Yes!” almost befor the question is finished. I am not trying to cast judgment on if you trust God or not, that is not my place. But why would God ask me or you this question if He saw nothing within our heart that is contrary to the “yes” that so quickly leaves our mouth?

Jesus asked Peter three times “Do you love me?” (See John 21:16). Put yourself in the sandals of Peter and replace peter with your name. Read the passage as if it was you by the fire with Jesus (in all honesty, it is us by the fire). It makes you think and process doesn’t it? You see each time Jesus asked “Do you love me” It filtered deeper into peters heart and soul, pulling out anything that contradicted his “Yes”.

After  Jesus asked His heart piercing questions he then gave Peter the action he needed to take to apply his love and trust for God.  Family when God tells us to move one way and we move another, we are saying to God “I don’t trust you.”. Ill give you an example. I am currently writing this on a iPad at my local Starbucks, my laptop is on the table next to me. Obviously it is the more effective tool to use, but I cannot use it because my charger is at home. When i was packing my back pack i heard the Holy spirt say “Grab your laptop cord while you are getting your phone charger.” I replied “ nah, I can get it later.” Now here i sit writing this devotion on a much smaller keyboard my long giant fingers bumping occasionally into the touchscreen causing me to type words where I don’t what them. And I cannot do the other things i planned to do because my laptop battery is unreliable.

God gave me instructions because He saw what was coming by I thought i had a better plan. Disobedience does not just apply to the Big “sins” Disobedience applies to the little “take you laptop cord” things too. When we are disobedient our actions are saying “God I don’t trust you. My plan is better”


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


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