Morning Thoughts 4/24/18 Water

April 23, 2018

Hello Family,

Certain parts of the united states have been dealing with diffrent forms of water. if you lived in the midwest or northeast, you have been dealing with round after round of snow, ice, rain or all the above. Where i live in the southeast we have had quite a few wet sundays. It was especially true this past Sunday. Personally I love the rain it brings peace to my mind. But for the majority of us rain brings gloom and doom, we tend to not want to go any place and avoid it as much as we can.

But what if God is calling us into the downpour? What if God is calling us into the blizzard to be purified. The the thing about water is that no matter what form it is in, it will always purifies. Rain washes away the pollen and pollutants. The tiny crystals in snow can act as an abrasive sponge traping dirt from the surfaces it lands on.

The point is you may look out at you spiritual life and see a downpour of rain or a raging blizzard. And you want to hunker down untill the storm passes. You maybe waiting for spring but God is saying come through the blizzard, come through the downpour. I need to wash you whiter than snow. There is a washing going on in the spiritual realm. You can drown or you can accept the clensing and come out pure.


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

2 comments on “Morning Thoughts 4/24/18 Water”

  1. Really appreciate your thoughts, Brandon. Yes, I believe God uses many things in nature to illustrate spiritual truths. Or I should rephrase that: I believe God created these things to illustrate for us eternal truths. "Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow." What an amazing purity that would be!

    I also think anyone who's seen the world white with hoarfrost, sparkling in the sunshine, gets a glimpse of the beauty and purity of Heaven and the white robes of the saints.

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