Morning Coffee 3/3/18 (Featuring Casey Blake) I Close My Eyes To See

March 3, 2018

Hello Family,

B. sawyer here, the devotion below is written by a close friend of mine Casey Blake. It is my pleasure to introduce her to you. She is now apart of morning coffee devotions and as God leads you will devotions written by her. God has placed a great gift in her and i am humbled to have a front row seat in her life to see the gifts in her unfold. so please let god speak to you with what she has written.

Much Love

B. Sawyer

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

My kids are stuck on this soundtrack lately. It’s to a movie called The Greatest Showman. If you haven’t seen it you should. It’s a secular movie but with many many spiritual parallels all throughout. This morning as I was getting ready, the lyrics to one of the songs kept playing through my mind, like it was on repeat, a cry straight from my heart.

But say that you'll bring me along

To the world you see

To the world I close my eyes to see

I close my eyes to see”. —A Million Dreams, The Greatest Showman

That last line, “I close my eyes to see” it just kept playing redundantly, touching this place in my spirit that needed refreshing. You see, she is singing about these dreams, they aren’t just big dreams they are “impossible” dreams! New job, moving upstate, starting over, new ministry, or new relationship sort of dreams. The ones Joseph had, the dreams that were so UNBELIEVABLE they had to be from God because no human could even think them up! I am in a season where I just have to close my eyes in order to see all that God is doing... because He is doing those things inside of me. My outside circumstances are changing and will always change but what He is faithfully doing in me, that’s what I long to see.

My faith is built on knowing that God comes through everytime I can’t see the answer. When my inadequacy takes over, when my sin is glaring, when I have just hurt someone so close to me... His faithfulness, his ability to mold me and make a way out of no way- that’s what He uses to fix the situation and to love me back to life. If that doesn’t make you wanna shout... nothing will!

I am CONFIDENT in what I can’t see- knowing that my Jesus is actively and intentionally writing my story, creating every plot twist with my growth and best interest at the center of His  heart for me.

Close your eyes and see what He has for you... don’t just ask Him to show you- actually look beyond what you can see!

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