Morning Coffee 2/12/18 Marathon Runners

February 12, 2018

Hello family,

Look any marathon style sport, cycling (like tour de France), triathlon, etc. The athletes running the race are not sent out on there own to fend for them self. They have a support team stocked with supplies to help the athletes  (This especially true and more visible in grand tour cycling). and if the support car cannot reach the athlete their are team members running the same race that will provide whatever aid they can to help their teammate while still running their own race.

My fellow singles when God does bring someone alongside you that could be a possible husband or a possible wife, they should not stop you in you tracks on the path God has you on. If anything they should add to it, listening to the Holy Spirt on what actions to take to add to your walk with Christ and draw you closer to Him. I don't care how tall he is or how fine she is, if they distract you from God and the purpose God has for you. Then You need to re evaluate that connection.


Much Love

B. Sawyer

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