Morning Coffee 2/10/18 What Happens When She Leads Pt 2

February 10, 2018

22 Suddenly he follows her As an ox goes to the slaughter, Or as one in fetters to the discipline of a fool, 23 Until an arrow pierces through his liver; As a bird hastens to the snare, So he does not know that it will cost him his life. - Proverbs 7:22-23 NASB

Hello Family,

Here is part two of "What Happens When She Leads!" If you are just joining please read part one first. So Adam and proverbs 7 man clearly put them selves in a position to fail. But even at that point it still was not too late to turn things around. But neither man did, they both made the second and most critical mistake. They accepted what was offered to them, they didn't use the discernment God gave them and went along blindly with what was being presented.

Lets look at Adam. This dude is no fool he named every thing on the planet even his wife! There is no fruit or animal or anything that is unfamiliar to him. So when Eve comes in with this fruit, he should have looked at that thing and said "Boo listen. I know that looks good but that is from that knowledge of good and evil tree! and we are not supposed to touch that! So toss that out!" You see Eve was doing what a good wife would do bring in things that look good for her husband (see proverbs 31) But see now Adam is the gatekeeper to his household and so much more.

Brothers i need you to see this! You don't have to accept everything that comes to your gate! She maybe jumping and shouting in church but six hours ago she was jumping and shouting with Jimmy on a boxspring at motel 6 ministries! (that was for fellow single brothers) This applies heavier to my married brothers! Your wife comes home angry and you don't do anything to dispel it, fifth-teen minutes later you angry, the kids are angry, even lily the goldfish mad at you! why because you stamped your approval on what was presented to you at the gate!

God has placed a friend in my life and i am developing a growing friendship with her. our first night of conversation she pushed my leadership button and it active something in me spiritually. She said "you lead sir!" God built leadership into men. I'm Not saying that women cant lead. What i am say is Men are the gatekeepers single and married. And God puts a higher expectation on that. It is part of the Order that God set up in genesis. So when things go wrong He's gonna look at you Adam!

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

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  1. This is a really good article, very timely in our day and age where people tend to give in so much to how they feel right at the moment, and women do a lot of leading in a lot of churches.

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