Morning Coffee Devotions 2/1/18 Your Purpose

January 31, 2018

Hello Family!

When I started morning coffee devotions back in 2014 i really had no clue how much priority God would place on it in my life. When i started devotions came out daily and for a year or so things were good. but when i Got a job working from home things slowly began to slide. And the Job was not the problem! The problem was that i allowed this ministry to fall on my priority list. But it had not fallen on God's.

Right before I started the work from home Job. a friend said to me "This ministry comes first! Don't let anything. But God go ahead of it!" Well i let it slip and now i am picking up the peaces. God removed my work from home Job and a few other things in 2017 and got me to the point where i had no choice but to call on Him. Trust me its not fun having God break you down like that.

As we Grow in our walk with God, He will ignite ministries that line up with the purpose He has for us. He will even place people around you that will come alone side and support that purpose. Your God Given purpose links up with your personal walk with God. If you pull back on either one. God will send you some signs. The ministries God gives you are not for your good pleasure but for God to touch lives through you.


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


One comment on “Morning Coffee Devotions 2/1/18 Your Purpose”

  1. I understand this! I recently posted about a dream I had, one that pointed me back to my original writing goal. (Post title: Time to Turn Around) There are interesting and pleasant side trips we can make,but we lose sight of where we really need to go.

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