Morning Devotions 1/4/18 Limited In Order To Be Limitless

January 3, 2018

Hello Family!

Rules and Limitations! As a child we role our eyes wishing they we didn't have them. As we get older we realize that they have a purpose and we even set limits of our own. But deep down that inner child is still there and sometimes even as adults that child will show up and we will cringe at the new rules on our job and wonder why we have to obey them.

God has given us limits and boundaries. A lot are found in the bible but so many more are written on the tablet of our heart. Still more are found written in our DNA and the script of our life and in the design of all creation, each one has its purpose. There are benefits for staying with in these limits but there are also consequences for going beyond them.

The prodigal son found this out the hard way. For a short while he lived limitless but he lived it out side the limits set up by his father and he reaped the consequences. When he returned he found out that the limits his father set up were designed so that his life can be the right kind of limitless. He settled back onto the path his father designed for him So that he could reach his full potential. He was Limited In Order To Be Limitless.


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer


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