Sunday Thoughts 6/4/17

June 3, 2017


I am writing this in my sanctuary, my place of refuge, my place of restoration. This sanctuary has no pulpit, there are no pews simply an office chair and a bed behind it. There are no multicolored stained glass windows. Most of the color comes from the collectable pony figures carefully arranged underneath the two computer monitors.

There are no ushers here, only my broken and will heart ready to usher in his presence. In this place i am instantly connected with my heavenly father and he can proceed to operate on my life. it is here away from the chaos of life that i truly find rest. Weather at my desk or underneath an oak tree. i know I can always find my secret place my sanctuary!

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer



4 comments on “Sunday Thoughts 6/4/17”

  1. Brandon, my sanctuary, my place of refuge, my place of restoration is not a church building either. It is my small deck just off my living room. I prayed Psalm 107:28-30 for three years. This is now my refuge, my "desired haven." It is the place I meet with God in the mornings.

    Brother Lawrence said, “It isn’t necessary that we stay in church in order to
    remain in God’s presence. We can make our hearts personal chapels where we can enter anytime to talk to God privately. These conversations can be so loving and gentle, and anyone can have them.” I kind of like that. <3

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