Morning Coffee 8/23/16 It Really Is The Little Things

August 23, 2016

15 [Young Women of Jerusalem] Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming! - Song of Songs 2:15 NLT

Hello family, this scripture can be applied in our entire life. It even works in the positive. We often look for big things to impact us but it is more so the small little thing that leave that big impact.

My pastor (well former pastor) and his family are relocating across country. The ministry that God put him at the head of has completed the mission God gave it. Leading up to this past Sunday i had flashback moments that would take me back to different moments from the past 8 years.

One moment happened as i was taping down the power cord for the projector. I flashed back to when were taping down the speaker wires when we first moved to the store front. i reflected back on the many conversations and the wisdom that he poured into me. All these simple tiny events are connected to a moment that God used my brother pastor to impact my life. Family, the Gold, the Platinum, the silver is in the little things

Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer

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