Morning Coffee 5/6/16 Low Income Mentality

June 5, 2016

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Read Matthew 24:14-30

18 But the servant who received the one bag of silver dug a hole in the ground and hid the master's money. - Matthew 25:18 NLT

Hello family, A child came down from playing with her toys. She saw her father sitting quietly by the fireplace. She quietly approached him putting her hand on his. He turned, smiled and picked her up into his lap. They sat in the warm glow of the fire for a while. The father discerning his daughter, asked “is there something you want to ask me?”

The child nodded yes. “What is it that you want ask?” the father replied. “Some new dollies please daddy?” The father stood up still holding his child, “Come lets go to your room.” when they came to the room it was a sight to behold. Dresses, little shoes dolls lay everywhere, it was a total mess. The father looked at his daughter and said, “Do you remember me telling you if you want better toys, you have to take good care of the ones you have?”

The daughter protested, “But it’s too hard daddy i can’t clean this up! It takes to much time to organize them!” Clearing his throat the father sat his daughter down on the messy bed and sat next to her and said, “Well with an attitude like that you wont be getting new dolls.”

Do you have a low income mentality? Do you dream of great things but when you see the leg work that needs to be done for those things, you back off? Has God said to you “go take good care of what you have!” Only to let it fall by the wayside?

I will be the first to rase my hand! i have had a low income mentality. God provided me with certain gifts and abilities. I want to go higher but Daddy keeps saying, “Do well with what you got!” and my reply is “It’s too hard!” If it was too hard, if you could not take good care of it. If you could not be a Good steward over the ministries, the gifts, the talents, the mission, the car, the house, the family that He (God) gave you. If you could not do it He would not have given it to you!

Stop looking at your situation as impossible! It is well with in your God given ability! We do not have a low income of anything! Our Daddy God got it all!  (read Psalm 50:10) As you take better care of the things in front  of you, He will keep fueling you from his limitless resources!

You can't put more gas in a car with a full tank. God is saying, “I have placed in you all you need to get started.” As you drive along and need more gas or a bigger this or more powerful that, He will add it. But only if you have the right mindset to handle it.

No more low income mentality! Don't burry you one talent in fear. We don’t live by that! Go and grow what God gave you!


Much Love & God Bless

B. Sawyer      

Holy Spirit

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