If These Words...

March 29, 2016

If These words

If these words don't take flight and up lift the souls that hear them,
there is no need for them.

If these words written with tears and heart poured out Don't fill up a lost and thirsty soul,
there is no need to cry, there is no need pour out.

If these words fall on the spirt of the reader and don’t produce harvest,
there is no need to read them

If these words are not woven together with the LOVE of God
then these words are woven in vein. and will cause more pain.

If these words don't pour out a praise

If these words are not saturated with God’s anointing
If these words are not inspired by the great I AM
Then there is no need for them.


I don’t write for fame, I don’t write for fortune.

I write because HE elevated me, HE lifted me!

I write because HE gave me a trillion chances.

I write because 2000 years ago HIS BLOOD was the
cleansing flow that redeemed me and continues to redeem me.
for the old man i used to be.

I write because i want to see others be pulled up from the mess they are in.

I do what i do because of what He did on the cross.

And if He is not in it, there is no point in doing it!!!!

In all i do..... Christ at the center

B. Sawyer 3/25/16

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