Morning Coffee 3/4/16 Your Place Of Worship Pt 2

March 7, 2016

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Read Exodus 3

5 "Do not come any closer," the LORD warned. "Take off your sandals, for you are standing on holy ground. - Exodus 3:5 NLT

Hello family, Your place of worship you sanctuary is more than a place where you sing and dance to God. It is a place where nothing is hidden, every thing within you is laid open for God. That is why Moses bowed before God. Taking off the sandals was a sign of reverence.

In your place of worship God will show you the things within you that you never knew about your self. God will show you the things that must be removed or worked on. Your place of worship is where you converse with God. You speak but you also listen to what He is speaking. He will download things you need for the next day or week ahead.

We get the next instructions God has for us, so we can move forward in life spiritually and physically. He will call you like Moses to that unique place. For Moses it was a burning bush for you it may be the shower. Where ever that place or moment of sanctuary is go get it, God is calling. 

Much Love & God Bless


Casey J - I'm Yours

2 comments on “Morning Coffee 3/4/16 Your Place Of Worship Pt 2”

  1. Hi Brandon. I hope it's okay to leave a prayer request here. Tomorrow morning I have to go back to the Cancer Clinic for an important visit with oncologist, then have a CAT scan after dinner. Tomorrow we decide whether, and when, to go ahead with chemo-therapy to treat my leukemia (CLL). And I'm about ready to chicken out.

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