Morning Coffee 12/3/15 Got joy?

December 3, 2015


7 You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine. - Psalm 4:7 NLT

Hello family, joy is always available to us. It never is far off it can be reached with a simple change of thought. It is easy to be joyful when all is good and easy but its a different story when the rain starts to fall.

My Wednesday evening did not end the way i planned it. i had to deal with angry customers, missing bible study and my laptop shutting down. But  as frustrated as i was in the back of my mind this small voice whispered “you still got a job, there is bible study next week don't schedule your self to work then, your laptop is still under warrantee.” I took hold of these thoughts and i felt at peace. Yes the end of my day went upside down and I'm still a little disappointed about it but in the back of my mind God is reminding me that in ten years this day will be nothing more than a memory. The enemy tried to get me to see all negative and even tried to make me quit. But God allowed me to see it differently. i got paid to be yelled at and to deal with that customer for an hour a fifty minutes past the end of my shift. God willing ill make next weeks bible study and my laptop will be getting fixed under warrantee. Praise God!!! its all taken care of!!!!! 

Got JOY?

Much Love & God Bless


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One comment on “Morning Coffee 12/3/15 Got joy?”

  1. Sorry to hear about your upside-down day, yet it seems like you've discovered an important truth: joy is a 'Siamese twin' to patience. By keeping your patience in those trials, you kept your joy as well. 🙂

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