Morning Coffee 8/3/15 A Matter Of The Heart Pt2

August 3, 2015



“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6 NLT)

Hello, Family, we are continuing our series a matter of the heart. If you are just joining us in this series go back and read yesterday's devotion first. Yesterday we saw that Able was acting out of his faith when he gave his sacrifice to God and Cain did not. The opening scripture all the more confirms that Cain's heart was not in the right place from the start. If Cain would  have acted out of faith he would have sought some direction from God. Instead of giving a sacrifice based off of what he thought was good.

When we act out of our faith in God, we are not looking to our own self for direction, we are not relying on what we think is good. We are looking up to God and relying upon his word on what to do. Now before you say, “But Cain had no Bible, no scrolls from the temple!” Cain had God’s spoken word. God spoke to Cain and able just as he spoke to Adam and eve.

Cain’s heart was not moving out of faith and tomorrow we will see how his heart matter only got worse when God did not accept his sacrifice.



Much Love & God Bless



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3 comments on “Morning Coffee 8/3/15 A Matter Of The Heart Pt2”

  1. One wonders just how much of His will God revealed to Adam & Eve as they walked and talked in the Garden, and how much they conveyed to their sons. Of course, if Adam & Eve didn't know what sin was at that point, there was a lot God couldn't reveal about the avoidance of temptation, the power of sin or its long-term effects in in the world. Things we know all too well now!

      1. I agree. We couldn't handle it all at once. As God has dealt with me over the years I can see how He knows where we are coming from and how much we can accept or change all at once.

        I lived with a certain fear for thirty years, just passing it off as a relatively normal fear, until one evening He brought about certain circumstances so that He could open my mind to the truth. He gave me a clear picture of where my fear originated, and then He set me free from that fear. Then, building on that experience, He's helped me see the light in some other areas.

        The past few days I've been thinking about this experience and wanting to write it out and post it on my blog. But I know this will take HOURS! It was a very involved experience; I haven't been willing to spend all that time writing it out, but now it's time.

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