It's Wednesday! By Brandon Sawyer

July 31, 2015

It's Wednesday! By Brandon Sawyer

A little boy is doing his home work, the smell of clorox is in the air.
The the scent is soon followed by the sound of a man named Ron Kenoly.
This awesome combination can only mean one thing!

It is Wednesday! Its almost time for Acts 2 bible study.
You see from birth this child was taught that worship is not just for Sunday
He was taught let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

His heart filled with joy as he made his way downstairs.
The song that had filled the house now fill him up
sing a rejoicing with anticipation of the fellowship soon to come

This was a gathering only rivaled by thanksgiving.
It's Wednesday! Time for fellowship family and fun!
At that moment nothing extinguish the atmosphere

It's Wednesday! The boy knew that God himself ordained this moment
and he loved it! Twenty plus years later when he hears a song from that Ron kenoly cd, The boy now a 29 year old young man still flashes back
With a heart full of praise and joy and maybe a hint of clorox scent remaining from years gone by. breaks out into dance and sing to God with all that is within him!

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord"

This album helped lay the foundation for who i am today.
please. listen to it while you drive, clean,study or whatever.
I promise you it will bless you!

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