Inspirations From The Porch: So What (I Am Me!) By Brandon Sawyer (APoetsHeart51)

March 31, 2015




So What! (I Am Me!)

So what if I don't think like you!

So what if I don't think or do what you do!

I am not you! Yes! I admit I am a bit of an old soul.

I will use the game room for my quiet time just because it has the most sunlight.

 So What! This is me! YesI will use the armchair in the corner. Why you ask?

Because it suits me, that is my little slice of paradise! Yes I wear hooded jackets

 jackets 90% of the time, this is me! And if it offends you that I wear them that is

your problem not mine! As long as I am on God's green earth I will do me!

So what if I am not like you! So what if I don't do what you do! I am me

and I will continue to be me! You don't like it? Tough cookies I will not

change for your peace of mind! I will always continue to be who God

made me to be! I am me!

4 comments on “Inspirations From The Porch: So What (I Am Me!) By Brandon Sawyer (APoetsHeart51)”

  1. I love this. As I struggle to find my place in this world once again, I try to think the "if you don't like me..tough cookies"..way, but sadly I still allow the past and present opinions of others to determine who I should be..Oh and by the way, I wear hooded jackets also.

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