Morning Coffee 3/27/15 The Still Small Voice (More Than For Deep Stuff)

March 27, 2015



Hello, family. My mother and I have learned a lesson the hard the way. (story 1) The holy spirit told me not to leave a bunch of banana peels in my room trash can. Fast-forward a few days and I ants have invaded my trash! I spend the better part of Sunday evening cleaning and killing and ants. I could have avoided all of that if I would have emptied the trash beforehand. (story 2) A few weeks ago my mom was going through her boxes and bins. She came across a book that the holy spirit told her to put aside. Fast-forward to today she took her closet apart looking for this book but could not find it.

The holy spirit does not just speak to us about deep stuff! He speaks to us about simple everyday life stuff as well. So listen to that still small voice when you hear it.

Much Love & God bless





Music to Listen to:  Hillsong - Lord I Give You My Heart




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