Morning Coffee 2/28/15 Stay Clear Of The Immoral Woman. Pt3

February 28, 2015



Read proverbs chapter 7

”So listen to me, my sons, and pay attention to my words. Don’t let your hearts stray away toward her. Don’t wander down her wayward path. For she has been the ruin of many; many men have been her victims. Her house is the road to the grave. Her bedroom is the den of death.” (Proverbs 7:24-27 NLT)


Hello family! We are wrapping up our series on Proverbs chapter seven. If you have not read parts one and two, go back and read them before you read this. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s go.


The writer finishes up the chapter by giving us a final warning. He has equipped us with what we need to keep our lives pure. He then informs us the places where the immoral woman dwells. And now we are being warned of the consequences of those who do follow immorality. I sure most of us can recall the Penn state scandal involving Jerry Sandusky. The same thing can happen to anyone of us. It all starts with one moment of compromise!  Immorality talks a sweet game but in the end it leads to destruction. Don’t be swayed by its sweet talk keep your mind firmly planted in God! Don’t be led by your emotion or feeling but be led by the all-knowing spirit of God.

Much Love & God Bless




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