Morning Coffee 1/19/15 Just Stay Calm!

January 19, 2015



Morning Coffee 1/19/14 Just Stay Calm!

“As Pharaoh approached, the people of Israel looked up and panicked when they saw the Egyptians overtaking them. They cried out to the lord, and they said to Moses, “Why did you bring us out here to die in the wilderness? Weren’t there enough graves for us in Egypt? What have you done to us? Why did you make us leave Egypt?  Didn’t we tell you this would happen while we were still in Egypt? We said, ‘Leave us alone! Let us be slaves to the Egyptians. It’s better to be a slave in Egypt than a corpse in the wilderness!’” But Moses told the people, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again.  The lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” (Exodus 14:10-14 NLT)

Hello family! I have been in the process of taking a big leap of faith! I am applying for a position that will help me become financially independent. There are certain materials and courses that I need. The certification course seemed out of my financial reach but I started the process any way because this is where God is leading me! Well a few days ago I was a little stressed because I did not see how I was going to pay for all the materials and equipment. Well to make a long story short, what was supposed to cost $100 dollars, God bought down to $20! Woooooooooooo Yea!

I was like the people of Israel. I stressed and worried, I said “God where’s the money?! I You Got me in this process, now what do I do?!” He said to me “I got this!” Boy did He ever have it! Family! God will not lead you to a dead-End! He told you to walk this road! He won’t let it be the end of you!  There will be obstacles, don’t turn back keep your eye focused on God your deliverer!

Just Stay Calm!

Much Love & God Bless



Music to Listen to:  Hillsong United-The Stand

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