Words Of Worship: Am I Rich?

January 11, 2015



Am I Rich?

Am I rich?

Can i have thirty dollars to my name

but live as if I had thirty billion?

Am I rich?

Can I not own a car

and still smile as if i

owned every car in the world?

Can I have no investments in the stock market

but wake up every morning knowing my future is secure?

Am I rich? You might say no!

If you say no, you are sadly mistaken!

The answer is yes I am rich!

I am ridiculously rich!

My wealth is not based on the dollar amount

in my account! It is not defined by

the form of transportation i use!

My wealth does not follow the eeb and flow of NASDAQ

or DOW JONES!  My wealth is from a higher source!

That source is the ruler of the universe!

I may not meet the earthly requirements

to be considered rich! That is not what what

i am focused on. Im looking and striving

to fill my life with His will!

When i seek after his Will everything else will follow!

Am I rich?

Yes I am!

I am ridiculously stupid Rich!

Thank you God for helping me see that!

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