Morning Coffee 1/7/15 Life! Pt1

January 7, 2015


“Yes, I am the gate. Those who come in through me will be saved.  They will come and go freely and will find good pastures.    The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” (John 10:9-10 NLT)

Hello family! I am sure we have heard or read this scripture a few times in our Christian walk. As I have said before don’t look at this with an attitude of “I heard this a thousand time!”

So many times I have read this and applied it to earthly things. That is not the proper application. Last night God bought me to this scripture in an unusual way. Sunday Stuart Scott an ESPN anchor passed away due to cancer he had be fighting on and off since 2007. They ran a tribute and showed him making his last speech at an award ceremony in 2014. At the end of his speech he said   “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live,” You could see the effects from all the treatments and the cancer, he had lost a lot of weight. As the tribute show continued they show clips of him boxing and exercising like a normal healthy person. I am not sure if he knew the Lord (I pray he did). He did not give up and let cancer take hold of him. No! He refused to live with a defeated attitude, he fought with all he had.

When we are hit with trials that change our life, we have a choice! We can have a pity party and sink into a deep despair. Or we can grab all the more tighter to hand of Christ and keep focused on him! When John took his eyes off Christ while he was walking on the water, he started to sink! Why? Because he took his eyes off of the source of his strength and looked at the storm around him.

As we have seen in scripture, Christ is more concerned about feeding our spirt man. So this passage of scripture is not saying that our life will be a bed of roses when we make Christ our Lord and Savior. There are going to be hard times but God will give us the strength to endure. When Paul in prison, he did not let his physical situation get him down. He kept his focus on Christ the source of his rich and satisfying life!

Yes the storm is big and bad! But my God is BIGGER and BADDER!

Much Love & God Bless





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