Morning Coffee Repost: Morning Coffee 4/9/14 The Potential Within

December 5, 2014


Morning Coffee 4/9/14      The Potential Within

Good morning Family welcome to morning coffee. A daily devotional, too help you start you day off right. This is the first of many awesome uplifting devotions. Pray that God speaks to you through these devotions and I pray you are blessed by them. The title of this first devotion is the potential within. So grab you coffee or whatever have in the morning and let God speak to you.

Yesterday I was hanging at a close friend’s house. We were watching a couple of movies. One of the movies is called Turbo; it’s about a snail named turbo who is fascinated with auto racing. He spends late nights watching Indy car racing. He Dreams of one day winning the Indy 500. Racing is all he thinks about. His friends and even his own brother laugh at his dreams and ambition. But no matter how hard his brother and friends try to deter him he refuses to let go of his dream. (Spoiler alert) Turbo eventually accomplishes his dream but only after going through hell and high water to do it.

God has placed goals and desires with in each of us. And sometimes the people closest to us can’t see what we see. Many people have told us that it’s impossible or you can’t do that or that’s crazy. They have tried to break you free of the dream God placed in you. But day and night God keeps fueling the fire and you can’t help but pursue the dream that was stitched into your DNA. In Genesis Joseph found out that his own brothers even his father could not support the dream God gave him. But he still kept pursuing God and seeking his guidance in the process. Joseph went through hell on the road to his destiny. But no matter what was thrown at him he still was submitted to Gods will for his life.

There is be many obstacles, many things, many people that will try to bring us down and drag us back to where God bought us from. We cannot go back, we cannot compromise. We must let go of the things that are holding us back. Friends, family, video games, facebook, ourselves! Whatever it is that slows us down or pulls us back we have to cut them lose so we pursue our God given destiny with every ounce of potential within us! Go after whatever dream God has placed in you. Seek him and pursue him with reckless abandonment. Let nothing and I mean NOTHING in the way of your destiny!


God Bless & Much Love



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