Morning Coffee 11/2/14 The Apprentice

November 2, 2014


Good morning family Here is a little story for you. It's called the apprentice

A young man was walking along the shore, looking out over the sea. He wondered what he would do with his life. He knew he was created for a purpose, he had graduated high school and tried many things welding, graphic design, electronics repair, and many other professions. But none of them filled the void that was within his heart. One day while taking his usual walk on the shore, he yelled out in frustration “WHAT IS MY PURPOSE! I NEED DIRECTION IN MY LIFE!” When he had finished yelling, he heard a voice from behind him, calling him by name, Come follow me I will teach you all the skills of my trade. The young man asked Sir? What do you do? The man replied I am a carpenter. The young man replied, I know nothing about carpentry and I am not good with my hands. I have tried many things and failed! The carpenter replied that is ok! I can still use you! Come follow me! The Dwight got up, followed the carpenter. The carpenter took him to his workshop where there were other apprentices and the carpenter began to teach the young man all the skills of his trade. The young man spent many years learning from the carpenter and he grew in skill and wisdom along with the other apprentices. He made a few mistakes, but the carpenter kept shaping and molding The young man.

One day the young man was walking along the shore with the carpenter and he looked out over the sea and sighed The Carpenter asked what is wrong? The young man said I have no purpose! The carpenter replied I have given you a purpose. I have taught you and I am still teaching you. You can now you can take what I have taught you and share it with others! The young man replied, but I made so many mistakes! The carpenter replied that’s ok, you got back up and kept learning and seeking me.

You Are my apprentice and you now have a purpose, My Word has guided you and will continue to guide you. The young man looked back out over the sea, but this time he felt the purpose within, he reflected back on all that The carpenter had taught him. Then the carpenter embraced him and whispered in his ear “I will always be with you!” At that moment the young man never felt without purpose again. He now knew he had a destiny.

At times we may feel lost and without purpose and direction. But God is there calling us and giving us a purpose and direction. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a writer, but this is the direction God has lead me in. At times I feel inadequate and unqualified to write. But that is where God steps in and blows my mind. I am grateful to be an apprentice of Christ! I would not trade where I am now in my life, for the world. God can take the most lost person and use them in ways they never imagined.

Much Love & God Bless




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