Words Of Worship: The Legacy Of The Cross By Brandon Sawyer (aka APoetsHeart51)

October 19, 2014



The Cross…. It’s a symbol of our redemption, A symbol of our freedom from sin,

A symbol of the price that was paid. It is here where we lay all our burdens.

It is here the place where grace rained down and came to lift us up from this earth shaken ground.

It was at the cross where we first saw the light and the burdens of heart rolled away.

Its here at the cross where we say Lord have your way I will follow you come what may.

My God what a wrenched man I am.But you in your infinite love,

you allowed your son to be hung on a tree and because of his blood that was shed I can now see!!!!

I can only imagine what I would do when you call me home and I'm finally standing before you.

For as long as you give me life I will run to you my ultimate source.

And every time I look upon this tree I will remember the sacrifice you made on Calvary

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