Words Of Worship: Don't Tell Me Not To Cry by Brandon Sawyer (aka APoetsHeart51)

October 17, 2014


 Don't tell me not to cry, when I hear the sweet melody of Amazing Grace playing in the air.

Don't tell me not to lift my hands in worship when i feel God move.

Don't tell me to get up off my knees when i am kneeling before my King!

Don't tell me to hush when i talk about how good he has been to me.

See you don't know my story.

You don't know the reason why these tears roll down my cheek.

You don't know the lows He has bought me from.

Even when I had given up on myself,

He was the only one there giving me help!

See I have experienced His Amazing Grace.

I felt His hand wipe the tears from my face.

If only you could relate. But that's your problem,

not mine. So excuse me while i shed these tears of worship.

They are not for you, they are for my savior and king, He is the reason my heart sings.

Don't tell me not to cry. I am going to cry because God heard my cry!

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