Words Of Worship: The Rain by Brandon Sawyer (aka APoetsHeart51)

October 15, 2014



The rain.... It's cold soaking me down to the bone,

The wind.... It blows the rain against my face.

My vision is blurred and I have to slow my pace.

I wonder when will it end? I have not fallen,

I am still standing. But the rain.....

It still falls.... Yes, I may be soaked from head to toe

But I am soaked with the rain of God.

It cleanses me from my head to my toe.

My vision may blurred. But its His voice

that I have heard. It's calling me through the rain.

It's calling me through the wind.

This storm is nothing but a Godsend.

So let it rain.... Let it rain! Again I say....


Song that played when I wrote this:  How He Loves Us (Kim Walker Cover) Sing Along Version

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