Warfare!!! by Brandon Sawyer (a.k.a APoetsHeart51)

August 14, 2014

Warriors!!!! Where are you? Have you lost your zeal? Have you forgotten whom you serve? Christ the ultimate warrior battled the temptation and trials of this world! If we are His followers wouldn't we then have battles of our own! Whats this "woe is me" attitude I hear! Temptation and trials are going to come, we won't escape it!  When they do come, be ready! Plant your feet in rock that is Christ, feed, yourself the life giving nourishment that is the infallible Word of God! Ephesians chapter six tells us to "Put on the Full armor of God! so the we can stand against all of satan's schemes!" When you are tempted or going through a trial, don't you dare bow your head in defeat! Don't dare have a why me attitude! Why not you?! God would not send you thought it if you were not able to endure it! You are victorious, you are "more than conquerors!" There is something in you that God wants to bring out, so you can be effective in His kingdom! It is not about you, but about the lives God will  allow you to impact, while you are going through the trial!!! That's why its you!  So warriors!!!! Where are you? I'll say it again. Warriors!!!! Where are you? Rise up and stand like the Warrior God made you to Be!!!

Much Love & God Bless


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