Morning Coffee 7/24/14 Don’t Be Afraid Of Revelation

July 24, 2014


“This is a revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants the events that must soon take place. He sent an angel to present this revelation to his servant John, who faithfully reported everything he saw. This is his report of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. God blesses the one who reads the words of this prophecy to the church, and he blesses all who listen to its message and obey what it says, for the time is near.” (Revelation 1:1-3 NLT)

Many times I have read the book of Revelation and walked away from it feeling scared or intimidated. So I began to avoid it, thinking "it's ok Ill just read the other sixty five books." That is not what God intended when He gave us His word.

Yes the book of Revelation is very graphic and at times it can be a lot to take in. Don’t try to take it in all at once. Take a little bite at a time. There is a lot to learn and God want you to be able to digest every bit of it. You can’t eat an elephant in one sitting. Read a little then study it and let it sink in. Read it with another brother or sister who is mature enough in God to help you.

Don’t approach it with a fear mind set. Yes Revelation has more apocalyptic destruction than all of Hollywood can dream up. But when we read about these things fear should not enter us. Remember we are on the winning team. If Jesus Christ is your Lord and savior you have nothing to fear.

Revelation is an awesome book but I would not ask a brand new Christian to read it. Read this book when God says you are ready. This is not a light read by any means. I just want to encourage you not to fear or be intimidated by it. When God says the time is right Grab a mature brother or sister in the Lord that has been a mentor to you and ask them if they would study Revelation with you! Don’t be afraid of Revelation. It is God’s word and it will bless us!

Much Love & God Bless



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